Facial Radiance Training

Facial Radiance is as beautiful and uplifting to give as it is to receive. It is a unique technique that is intensely relaxing.

Facial Radiance is a massage technique with intention, giving yourself and your client immense satisfaction and amazing results.

This 1 hour gentle massage works with the meridians and muscles of the face and neck releasing tension and lifting the face. It leaves the client deeply relaxed and results in a much lighter and refreshed skin tone. Fine lines lessen and deeper lines are softened. This is especially noticeable around the mouth and the eyes. Client’s eyes appear relaxed, more open and brighter. These are just a few of the benefits your client can expect. Working in energetic harmony with your client you can also expect her/him to leave glowing and radiant!

A facial with product can follow this technique very comfortably and combined, the results can be truly amazing.

This is an uplifting and engaging workshop with time for reflection, relaxation and the opportunity to explore your healing energy while experiencing the results for yourself.
Day three is open to all Facial Radiance students who may like to meet other practitioners and also deepen their knowledge and fine tune their technique.

To enquire about training dates in your location or country contact
Lynda@facialradiance.co.nz or + 64212 252 253

Michelle from Picton says:

After working alongside Lynda and observing the effects and benefits clients received form Facial Radiance Treatments I decided to train with Lynda in Facial Radiance.
With a large group of trainees in a really nice setting the training was as much an experience for me as it was informative and inspiring.
Lynda shared her passion for Facial Radiance on many levels, through her experience hands on and also her personal inspirations.
The training was to the point and I was constantly inspired the whole 2 days and received a training manual which gave me backup info and reading material and resourceas as well.
Lynda created a great atmosphere for all practitioners and dedicated enough time to each one personally to troubleshoot and assist with confidence and ability in performing the treatment.
We all received treatments as well and Lynda emphsised the importance our selves play in treatments.
Facial Radiance has now become an integral treatment in my business and contributes to more than half of my income.
I would strongly recommend Lynda and her Facial RAdiance Training to any Health/Beauty/Wellbeing Practitioner