Rekindled Ancient Wisdom (RAW)

RAW is a non-invasive, a powerful subtle energy correction using the body’s own energy.

What is a RAW Balance?
RAW balancing has the capacity to work on a soul, genetic, mental, past life, emotional and DNA level. Your body and the balancing system work together to create a more harmonious environment to allow energy to flow, so your personal power and self healing mechanism can switch on.
What is Energetic Baggage ?
 Energetic baggage is basically an imbalance or bad programming coming from childhood traumas, bad relationships, negative experiences, genetic information or wherever the issue has originated. Imbalances within us are like viruses in a computer - they stop you from functioning efficiently. They have the potential to affect any area of your life and can manifest as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even financial imbalances.
Now What?
Once all the imbalances have been identified, through muscle testing, a point is held on the upper arm that is like a delete button on a computer. Imagine bringing everything that you don’t like about yourself and your life onto a computer screen and then when the screen is full you just hold the delete button and watch it all disappear
The body and its energy fields like any computer system, are able to perform many tasks but the tasks are limited by the knowledge that you have on the computer. Can you imagine if you knew how to use every function of every key on the computer, all the shortcuts, your life would be far less frustrating and a lot smoother. The body and its energy fields are this same computer system and if you know what “buttons” to press the body is capable of self-healing many things on many levels.
What will I experience?
During your session which usually will last just over an hour your RAW facilitator will gather information for you on what is blocking your energy. This is done with channelling, scan lists, reference books and symbols. In this time you will hear information that will be healing and often astounding.
Each balance is different in itself and different for many people. Comments from clients often are that there is now a great sense and feeling of freedom, a weight has been lifted, mentally detoxed, I feel clear etc. Lifelong patterns of sabotage, disappointment, low self esteem to name a few will begin to heal and your relationship with life and the people in it will be happier and more rewarding.