"I find the treatments blissfully relaxing….I am able to rest relax and ‘awake’ to not only feeling great but to also looking great! The difference in my skin is truly amazing! I have received many favorable comments about my appearance."

Sydney Australia


”Just to let you know that I have been enjoying the facial radiance massage. All my clients have been really enjoying it too and have all come back for more. The results are amazing. You can see a difference almost straight away in the tissues, the fine lines soften so much, some disappear and the colour of the skin looks so much better. The results are amazing the technique is so simple

Clients are quite amazed at how good it feels it’s almost an overwhelming feeling for some of them. One of my clients was having lots of body aches and pains, and headaches, after one treatment those aches and pains have gone and so far haven’t come back.”

Auckland New Zealand

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia several years ago after years of many unfruitful appointments and tests with specialists and health professionals in various fields.   Fibromyalgia is characterized by restless sleep / waking up feeling tired resulting in chronic fatigue. 

It is also a chronic condition that causes pain, stiffness, and tenderness of the muscles, tendons, and joints.  In my case, I suffer mostly from constant pains in head, neck, shoulders and upper back causing debilitating nausea and dizziness.  I even endured 3 ½ years of orthodontic work to attempt to alleviate these conditions.

Since there is no cure for this condition, advices from specialists and health professionals echoed to learn to live with pain by eating well and regular exercise (they claim that this will minimise reliance on medications). 

I do follow their advice very diligently but I still have to rely on pain killers, muscle relaxant, anti-nausea medications for a relief.  Then I found Facial Radiance.  Do you remember how wonderful it feels when you get a very brief head massage at the hair salon?  You will get to experience the wonderful feeling for one full hour with Facial Radiance. 

Facial Radiance provides me an amazing release.  No chemicals, no creams, no side effect.  All natural.  Just one hour of very gentle face and head massage. You can experience the pains and tensions melt away.

I wish that more chronic pain sufferers like me find this as another alternative relief and experience a deep relaxation and tranquillity.  Another benefit of Facial Radiance is that we look younger.   What a bonus!! - -

Chisako, Auckland

Thank you for your uplifting, clearing and soothing treatment.  May face and spirit do indeed feel Radiant!

RS  (Male) Auckland

After the first session I had the most profound feeling of peace and almost euphoria came over me. I felt energised but also able to have more control over my life. After the first session I used the feeling as a catalyst of change. After each session I am feeling more relaxed but revitalised. I'm a believer of this type of wonderful therapy. This is part of my life now.