Newsletter - October 08, 2012 - Summer on Sale!
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Summer on Sale!


Isn’t it wonderful to have daylight saving back. Though Summer skin will be exposed for longer and seen for longer too!

Facial Radiance is offering you the opportunity to give your skin that illumination that reflects the light away from lines – remember that Summer glow!

Enjoy the health benefits and deepest form of relaxation you have felt in a long time......

To help give you that look and feeling again Facial Radiance is offering you a pre-summer gift of 3 x 1 hour sessions for $200.00.

Just book your first session here before 31st October 2012 @

Or call us at Re:ab on 093602929

Txt Lynda 0212252253



So looking forward to seeing you and your new Radiant skin very soon!

                                           'Refer a Friend and receive a complimentary half hour session'

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